Bachelor laptop technology.

The bachelor pc scientific research insures a broad standard learning the key matters in personal computer technology.

We appeal the mediation of idea of simple concept, in addition to abilities to resolve practical troubles. The main pocket laptop research might be flexibly coupled with those under 18. Having 30 ECTS insignificant in math are necessary.

Pc scientific research might be preferred for a insignificant (Slight) to another one primary inner compartment. Within a BS in computer scientific discipline can be used as insignificant of30 and 15, 60 or 90 ECTS be picked points; in the expert program the opportunity of personal computer research Children is 30 credits issues.

Primary details Education: Bachelor of Scientific discipline in Laptop or computer Scientific research, University of Bern magnitude: 180 ECTS supply: Significant 90 ECTS.

Offer for other degree software programs:

Modest 60 or 30 or 15 ECTS permutations: several hours of examine: 6 semesters Dialect of instructions: German Investigation: Fall season semester.

Law period.

Training contents System structure permutations trial planning deadlines ailments Completing Once the Bachelor.

System articles.

These particular family table shows the range of plan and events to the allocation above six semesters of laptop or computer science in the key pocket. Continuous activities are coloration-coded. However, the allocation to the 6 semester is not mandatory, but dependencies are to be observed between the events. Pupils majoring in ought to successfully full at the very least 3 Bachelor activities in computer scientific discipline during the first year.

Review design.


The Bachelor program in laptop or computer scientific disciplines is created around 90 ECTS things and several minor of 90 ECTS credits and maybe backyard expert services out of the big.

Concerning the feasible deduction of other ability systems amounting with a optimum of 15 ECTS credits each student management determines. With over 15 ECTS credits, the Dean of the Philosophy and normal sciences chat union decides faculty.

Mathematics is really a mandatory minor of 90, 60 or 30 ECTS issues.

For any Main Modest made available is often chosen for the School of Bern along with the suitable quantity; only deciding on a minor and major on the identical field of research is not really permitted. After request and may even also are the result of other subjects compiled slight of 60, 30 or 15 ECTS credits are made it possible for.

Review constructions Main ECTS Obligatory Modest ECTS Minor ECTS 90 Math 90-90 Mathematics 60 30 90 Mathematics 60 15 15 90 Mathematics 60 15 15 Free of charge providers 90 Math 30 60 90 Mathematics 30 30 30 90 Math 30 30 15 15 90 Mathematics 30 30 15 15 electives.

Study preparation.

Learners are responsible for their own review system. Our Secretariat Director of Scientific tests but is glad to resolve issues. Our recommendation is that you utilize in every hesitation of the provide.

Please note these particular important remarks:

Quite a few ECTS are attributed for almost any reasonable investigation efficiency. A computer scientific research study course corresponds to i. Gen. 5 ECTS.

Results assessments.

If the event has been successfully completed, that Performance Assessment must be passed,

ECTS points are only counted. Performance evaluations get each area following each one occurrence. The precise appointments will probably be declared writing a college paper within the specific events. Usual effectiveness evaluations in personal computer research are semester ultimate assessments, obligatory routines or perhaps a essential lecture.

Sign up for classes.

An independent subscription for courses is normally not required. Numerous situations give documents on e-learning program Ilias on the market. Registration for individual courses to access Ilias content, carried out according to information will be announced separately in each event.

Signing up for efficiency assessments and KSL. Learners should subscribe alone with the overall performance evaluations with their functions. Acts the ”center program idea” (KSL) on the Institution of Bern. Here information is saved centrally about the condition of your research projects. You can actually recover present examine renders which will reveal where you stand in the reports here whenever you want.

Bachelor thesis.

If there are at least 10 events Bachelor sufficient notes and minor services are provided by at least 30 ECTS, with the Bachelor thesis can only be started. The creation of undergrad do the job will take greater than all 5 a few months not lengthier.


The normal research projects is 6 semester. If this is not complied with, a written request must be submitted to study life extensions at the Director of Studies.

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