Training for body and vehicle auto mechanic.

What does a body and vehicle mechanic?

Create and restore bodies and vehicles!

Worth as body and vehicle repair shop.

Just what is your daily life than body and vehicle auto technician?

If a customer with his damaged car in your garage, your application is in demand! As vehicle and body auto mechanic you look at the injury and reparierst them. However, you can even with a vehicle manufacturer to work: where you build up bodies and create entire motor vehicles.

You’ve been fascinated with cars and trucks? You enjoy packst with and offers anyone to do, you soiled no issue? You possess entertaining at the craft function and know by yourself a little about laptops or computers? The training for vehicle and body technicians could then be produced for you!

Your educating lasts three and a 50 percent years. Once the 2nd year or so you decide on for any specialization: Would you make restore broken cars and trucks or prefer new?

Have you ever finished your training, you increase generally a grading from 1,700 to 2,000 euros. You need to make a lot more and finally inhabit a better situation? Then you certainly need to keep yourself well-informed. Get just like the name or’ll techs – soon after that you may accept important management positions! As an alternative, you can also review mechanised technology, mechatronics or car engineering.

The subsequent professions are accessible: entire body upkeep technological innovation; Physique fine art; Fahrzeugbautechnik;

Very important information about practicing for body and vehicle auto mechanic.

Time of instruction: 3. Five years Income: very first season: 390 Euro, second year: 433 Euro, third calendar year: 501 Euro, fourth year: 586 EUR, Advised degree: Major learning areas: on farms motor vehicle development, automobile maintenance, vehicle routine maintenance in exclusive seminars, in the production facilities and classes working hours: regular work possibilities: training for techs to understand the functioning assistant in the human body research projects in mechanized design, mechatronics or vehicle technologies freedom Accessories: diverse centers function in the workshop and using the pc handling various products.

It is possible to turn into body and vehicle repair shop if you do.

Tinker like on vehicles, have some fun with physics and design, have about computers, like betatigst you personally.

If you, the training for vehicle and body mechanics is not an option.

Have no spatial sensation, never need to make you in the office unclean, no technological understanding have, are certainly not handy products.

What exactly are you carrying out in teaching?

1st calendar year of education for vehicle and body technicians:

Within the first year of your own teaching as vehicle and body mechanics you find out the essentials. Inside the vocational university you are explained the best way to systems and vehicles uberprufst appropriate. Then you definately should utilize them as advised. You be able to change very simple assemblies. In addition, you will learn how you would recognize malfunctions and behebst.

2nd year for vehicle and body mechanics:

During the subsequent season, your essential training is strengthened. You discover how to make vehicle elements away from metallic. Also, you might actually prepared low-metal products during the vocational classes. Inside the training corporation you’re likely to fix components and assemblies. Afterward, you discover how to make all the parts of the body and put vehicles fixed. Moreover, you are able to install electric powered and electric solutions. At the conclusion of the second calendar year following part one of the finalized evaluation.

3rd season of training for vehicle and body technicians:

You have to choose a field of study,

Before the start of the third year of training. In system repairs and maintenance technological innovation you discover when you find out damage to the vehicle and behebst. After that you can analyze the harm and examine. In the area of vehicle and body technological innovation, however you Complete of layouts and types. Also, you add forth chassis and bodies.

Fourth season for body and vehicle technicians:

Inside the last and shortest year you deepen your knowledge within the particular field of study. In the middle of the entire year you put the second aspect from your ultimate assessment. So you have completed your education!

Practicing for vehicle and body mechanics in your area?
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